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Magnesium mineral supplements for horses. 5litre/3.5kg, 10litre/6.5kg and 20 litre/12.5kg tamper evident pails.


FRST magnesium supplement replaces magnesium deficiencies caused by workload or stress. Deficiencies are commonly seen in stabled horses or those in maintenance on poor pasture.

Magnesium is essential mineral for hundreds of enzyme reactions, and calcium absorption.

Formulate proper diets using nutritional principles rather than using expensive complete feeds. Complete feeds cannot contain enough magnesium. (Ask us how!)

1. Horses in hard training for competitions such as flat racing, pacing or trotting races, dressage, event training or sporting events have a much greater demand for magnesium than horses in maintenance. Horses in work pass out magnesium in sweat and urine at a much greater rate and cannot replace lost minerals readily, especially if stabled. Magnesium demands increase to almost double that of maintenance.

2. Nervous horses or horses that tie-up (rhabdomyolosis/azoturia) are often deficient in magnesium. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency can be nervousness and irritability.

3. Yearlings. Horses being prepared for sale as yearlings (Used by several Australasian thoroughbred and pacing studs)

4. Hacks and Sporting pony club horses proper supplementation eliminates symptoms of magnesium deficiency . Similar ingredients to more expensive supposed calming formulas but without unnecessary additives.

5. Australian Stringhaltmagnesium is sometimes used as a supplement to relieve symptoms caused by deficiency.

6. Horses or ponies on rich spring pasture.

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